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A powerful force drawn from deep within

Łucja Siedlik, Gazeta Konkursu Wieniawskiego #3, October 10, 2022


Impressive performance by violinist Hawijch Elders (19) at the Havenkom concert

Omroep Flevoland, 2.9.2018


Hawijch Elders, just 19 years old, holds great promise among Dutch violin soloists.

Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, August 2018


Hawijch Elders, at 19 the youngest of the finalists, won the Second Prize and her sparkling play made her the surprise of the evening, as far as I and the audience were concerned. Highly talented, full of spirit and spontaneity, musically gifted and not hindered by nerves or any doubts, she played the Dvorak Violin concerto full of inspiration and straight from her heart.

Wenneke Savenije, De Nieuwe Muze, 21.1.2018

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